Frequently Asked Questions About PETA’s Internship Program

Application Requirements

What are the age requirements?
Applicants must be 18 years of age or older in order to be considered for an internship at PETA. If you are under 18 years of age and want to get active for animals, please join our Activist Network to learn about opportunities to help animals in your area.

What countries are applicants accepted from?
We accept interns from around the world, but preference is given to applicants from the Asia-Pacific region.

What qualifications are necessary?
Applications are considered based on the skills of the applicant, availability and the needs of the organization. An interest in helping abate cruelty to animals and adherence to a vegetarian lifestyle are mandatory.

How long are internships?
Internships range from three weeks to two months. Extensions past two months will be considered, depending on the intern’s performance and the organization’s needs.

Before applying, please ensure that you do not have any family, work, or financial commitments that would interfere with your participation in our internship programs. We rely heavily on our interns and consider them part of our staff.

Are interns paid?
Interns receive a small weekly stipend.

Housing and Amenities

Is housing provided?
Shared housing is available at no charge at PETA’s Intern Condo, which is near PETA’s office in Manila, Philippines. The Intern Condo is PETA’s home for interns; it is located about a mile from PETA’s office in Manila’s financial district. The house accommodates up to three people and has two bedrooms and one bathroom. Smoking is not permitted inside the Intern Condo. Restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, malls, and movie theaters are located within walking distance.

Interns are required to share household cleaning chores and keep common areas clean for all residents’ comfort.

Am I required to be vegan?
Out of respect for animals and the work that PETA does, all interns are required to be vegan while on PETA property. This includes diet (no meat, dairy products, eggs, honey, or other animal byproducts), personal-care items (cruelty-free and no animal byproducts), and clothing (no fur, leather, silk, or wool).

Will I have a roommate?
Depending on the number of interns during your stay, interns may be assigned a roommate and will be separated by gender. Single rooms will not be assigned prior to arrival.

Does the Intern Condo have a computer and Internet access?
Wireless Internet service is provided at the intern condo.

Are animal companions allowed at the Intern Condo?
No. We regret that because of space considerations, we cannot accommodate animal companions.

What should I take with me?
Take your clothes and personal items, such as a hairdryer and other grooming items; a cell phone that accepts a SIM card; and laptop computer if you have one. Bed linens, towels, dish detergent, cookware, dishes, and utensils are all provided.


Do interns have to find their own way to Manila?
Yes. Once interns have been accepted, they will be responsible for any travel expenses related to their arrival to and departure from Manila.

Once I arrive in Manila, how do I get to the Intern Condo?
Once you have been accepted into PETA’s internship program, PETA will arrange a staffer to greet you at the airport and take you to the Intern Condo. You will be provided with this staffer’s contact number prior to your arrival.

Will I have the opportunity to see other parts of the Philippines?
Interns are welcome and encouraged to travel to other parts of the Philippines on weekends during their internship. However, PETA does not organize or pay for such trips. Some staffers may invite interns on day trips to nearby attractions, but such trips are not part of the internship, and interns are primarily responsible for their own entertainment on the weekends.

Office Culture

What kind of work will I be doing as an intern?
Assignments are generally based on the needs of the organization as well as interns’ skills and interests, and they vary greatly during your internship. Opportunities include participating in grassroots activities, including demonstrations, community outreach, and tabling events; conducting online research; and getting the animal rights message out through local, national, and international media. Interns also do clerical work, prepare mailings, and work on other projects.

How many hours a week will I work as an intern?
Interns are scheduled full-time for 40 hours each week.

Does PETA provide lunches?
PETA provides interns with a free lunch Monday through Friday. Interns are responsible for buying and preparing their own food outside business hours. Grocery stores and restaurants are within walking distance of the Intern Condo.

Is there an office dress code?
Because of PETA’s high visibility, we strive to present a professional image. Interns should dress neatly and not wear clothes that draw attention to the messenger rather than the message. Office attire is business casual. As an animal rights organization, PETA does not permit the wearing of any animal products (e.g., fur, leather, wool, down, and silk).