Interns are a valuable part of the PETA team.

Interns are a valuable part of the PETA team.

Do you want to help PETA’s staff spread the word about animal rights? Apply for PETA Asia’s internship program! As an intern at PETA’s campaigns office in Manila, Philippines, you can help with grassroots outreach activities, like demonstrations and tabling events; generate editorials, articles, and letters to the editor; conduct online research; and get the animal rights message out through local, national, and international media.

In general, life at PETA is interesting—but very demanding as well. Interns are considered a key part of the PETA team and, as such, must be reliable and flexible (i.e., able to switch from one project to another as necessary). We depend a great deal on our interns and appreciate their patience and hard work. In turn, our interns expand their knowledge, experience the inner workings of a grassroots movement, and gain the satisfaction of working to alleviate animal suffering. Check out the slideshow below to see some experiences that past interns had during their time at PETA.

An intern joins a PETA staffer in a protest against Armani's use of fur.

An intern joins a PETA staffer in a protest against Armani’s use of fur.

While PETA’s internship program does provide occasional outreach opportunities, the internship is primarily a desk-based position. The majority of interns focus on computer-based projects. The PETA office is very quiet; e-mail is used as the primary method of communication. We use e-mail because it’s efficient and it enables us to save time, which means that we can spend more time on our animal-saving campaign work.

Before applying, please ensure that you do not have any family, work, or financial commitments that would interfere with your participation in our internship programs. We rely heavily on our interns and consider them part of our staff.

How to Apply

There are no deadlines for internship applications. We accept them year-round and review them as they arrive. To apply, e-mail your cover letter and resume to [email protected].

We recommend applying as far in advance of your desired internship dates as possible, as the program often fills up months in advance.