Become an Activist


Maybe you’ve recently learned how animals are abused in circuses or realized that because you wouldn’t eat your dog, it doesn’t make sense to eat a chicken or a pig. Or maybe you’ve been working in an animal shelter for years and have decided that it’s time to take another step to help change society’s attitude toward animals.

It only takes one individual to reach hundreds of people and encourage them to treat animals with compassion. Animals’ voices are often ignored, so they need us to be brave in speaking out in their behalf.

If you ever see or learn about an animal who is being abused or neglected, don’t stay silent—shout about it! Notify police and/or humane authorities immediately. If they are unresponsive, contact PETA. It might feel uncomfortable the first time you stick your neck out for animals, but you’ll be glad you did, especially if your actions help save someone from suffering.

Activists are thoughtful, committed citizens who can change the world simply by standing up for what they believe in. More and more people are going all out for animals, and we at PETA are constantly in awe of the fun, creative ideas they come up with.

Anyone can be an activist. It doesn’t take special skills or superhuman abilities. You just need to care enough about animals to want to help them.

Grassroots work is essential to the success of the animal rights movement, and PETA is committed to helping activists around the world organize to protect animals’ rights. You don’t have to go out on a limb to help animals—there are tons of quick, easy ways that work just as well. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites for you. Try them out, and e-mail us when you come up with some ideas of your own.