Help Penguins Imprisoned for Diners’ Entertainment In Jakarta Mall

Pingoo Restaurant in Jakarta’s Neo Soho Mall keeps an enclosure full of penguins so that diners can watch the animals while having a meal. This publicity stunt is disrespectful, out of touch, and tragic. Penguins deserve to live in the wild, not to be locked up in a prison cell at a restaurant so that people can take selfies.

Pingoo, a seafood restaurant, is run by the Jakarta Aquarium, which is affiliated with Taman Safari, a park that heavily drugged a lion cub so that tourists could pose for photos with the animal.

Penguins are fascinating animals who, in nature, spend 75 percent of their lives swimming freely in the ocean and can live for 15 to 20 years. It’s no surprise that they become easily stressed, frightened, or agitated when they’re forced into close contact with humans.

Animal rights groups have been protesting in front of the Neo Soho and Central Park malls (they’re connected by a pedestrian bridge), and you can help, too, by tweeting Neo Soho Mall and asking officials not to display live animals at the restaurant or anywhere else on the premises.

Jakarta isn’t the only place where penguins are locked in a shopping mall for human entertainment. The Grandview Aquarium in Guangzhou, China, located in a shopping mall, displays 500 species—including a polar bear, arctic wolves, and penguins—inside barren enclosures that are too small for them to engage in natural behavior. The aquarium has already been called “one of the saddest zoos in the world” because the animals there suffer from neglect, poor care, lack of stimulation, and lack of natural light.

Penguins Belong in the Wild, Not at Pingoo Restaurant!

Please tweet Neo Soho Mall and urge officials to implement a policy that bans the display of wild animals.