Hong Kong: From 23 to 30 October, Save Animals With Your Coffee

National Cat Day on 29 October is the purrfect time to give extra attention to your animal friends. PETA and Green Monday – a Hong Kong–based social enterprise that advocates for sustainable living – are launching PETA’s Coffee for Cats with the support of 43 restaurants and cafés with 64 outlets in Hong Kong to promote cruelty-free, plant-based coffee and raise funds to help animals. We can’t think of a better excuse to order that extra afternoon pick-me-up!

Want to get your caffeine fix while helping animals? From October 23 to 30, the participating outlets will create “PETA Coffee” with Barista Blend Oat Milk from Califia Farms, one of the top plant-based milk brands in the U.S., or other plant-based milk brands. With every purchase of a cup of this coffee, establishments will donate HK$5 to PETA for promoting animal protection. For details, please visit the event website. Find your nearest café here.

An adorable cat sticker – six styles are available – will come with every cup of PETA Coffee. We’ve also created a series of Instagram story filters, which can be found here, to help you create vibrant Instagram stories and raise awareness of key issues.

We hope you will enjoy a cup of coffee that helps animals. Thank you in advance for your support!

If you don’t live in Hong Kong, you can still support PETA’s vital work by making a gift right now: