10 Reasons to Leave Angora on the Rack

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

The next time that you’re out shopping for new clothes, please take the time to read the label on that sweater or scarf. If it says “angora,” the garment likely began as a living being whose fur was repeatedly ripped from his or her body. The following are the top 10 reasons always to leave angora out of your wardrobe.

1. Workers violently tear the fur out of rabbits’ skin as the animals scream in pain.

angora rabbit fur plucking

2. Rabbits endure this terrifying and barbaric ordeal every three months.

Angora rabbit fur plucking

3. After they have been plucked bald, the rabbits lie motionless inside their tiny, filthy cages, stunned and in shock.

Angora rabbit after fur plucking

4. Rabbits who are sheared have their feet tightly tethered and are suspended in the air or stretched across boards. The sharp cutting tools inevitably wound them as they struggle desperately to escape.

angora rabbit fur cutting with electric shear

5. The stench of ammonia from the urine-soaked floors beneath the cages often causes rabbits’ eyes to become irritated and infected.

angora rabbit in cage with eye discharge

6. Rabbits in the wild can roam an area of up to a square mile, but on fur farms, they are individually housed in wire-mesh cages not much bigger than their own bodies.

angora rabbit in cage

7. The rabbits are stacked row upon row in tiers, just like any factory-farmed animal …

angora rabbits in cages

8. … as far as the eye can see.

rows of angora rabbit cages

9. After two to five years, rabbits who have survived this repeated abuse will be gathered up and slaughtered.

Man taking a rabbit for skinning

10. Their throats are cut, and the skin is torn from their bodies, which will be processed and sold for meat.

processing rabbit for meat

The only way to ensure that a piece of clothing is cruelty-free is to shop animal-free.

Don’t get caught paying for suffering: Take the pledge not to buy angora today!

Posted by Ashley Fruno