A Slithery Protest: Naked Activist Asks Hermès to Leave Snakes in the Jungle!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

A PETA Asia activist gladly bared some of her skin to help ssssave animals’ skins during a demo outside a shopping mall in Bangkok last week.

PETA's "Snake" Bares All In Bangkok

Why all the fussss? Well, snakes like those who are captured from their jungle homes and turned into Hermès handbags are often paralyzed—but not killed—by having a skewer shoved up their noses. Hoses are then inserted into the snakes’ mouths before the animals are pumped full of water, which causes them to swell up like balloons and loosens their skin. The skin is then ripped from their bodies, sometimes while they’re still conscious.

Avoid fashion that makes your sssskin crawl: Contact Hermès today and tell it to use fake snake!

Posted by Jason Baker