Airport Bans PETA’s Ad Opposing the Chitwan Elephant Festival

Posted on by PETA

After PETA exposed how elephants are repeatedly beaten and abused for Nepal’s Chitwan Elephant Festival, we teamed up with the Animal Rights Club and attempted to place a billboard at Nepal’s Tribhuvan International Airport to remind travelers why they should avoid the exploitative event. But the company representing the airport, Smart Media and Technologies, rejected the ad, saying that the airport authority wouldn’t approve the message.

As you may recall, at last year’s event, PETA eyewitnesses saw elephants being repeatedly struck and gouged with bullhooks—spear-like weapons with a sharp hook on one end—and their ears being violently yanked. Mahouts (handlers) also beat frightened elephants with other weapons, such as sticks and makeshift wooden knives.

It’s High Time the Chitwan Elephant Festival Ended

As the video above shows, elephants suffer for this festival. Since hearing from PETA and our affiliates, all of the festival’s sponsors have cut ties with the event. Several travel companies have stopped promoting it, too. However, the event still hasn’t been cancelled.

When these elephants aren’t being forced to perform at this festival, they’re used for rides by tourists visiting Chitwan. Elephants who are forced to “play” football or give rides are controlled through physical violence and psychological domination.

Urge 'Visit Nepal 2020' to Cancel the Chitwan Elephant Festival Now!