Aussie Travel Magazines: Bullfighting? Unacceptabull!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Everybody knows that bullfighting is one of the most vicious and sadistic “sports” that twisted minds have dreamed up since the fall of the Roman Empire. The bulls are slowly tortured—and killed even more slowly—for the “amusement” of often heavily inebriated tourists and locals.

In Pamplona, Spain, before the torture begins, the public gets a chance to torment the unfortunate bulls in the “Running of the Bulls.” In this cruel race, the bulls are released into the street so that people with too much testosterone or alcohol in their systems can provoke them and then try to outrun them. Several tourists are injured each year—this year, an Australian ended up in the hospital with a punctured femoral artery.

Our friends at PETA Australia recently wrote to all Australian travel magazines to request that they pledge not to promote this event in the future. The response has been most gratifying! Here are a few examples:

“[W]e have never, nor would we ever promote such a horrendous event—and I would be happy to run anything supporting your message.”

Inflight Magazine

“[O]f course we will make sure this doesn’t happen in [the] future.”

Holidays for Couples

“I won’t cover it editorially in any section of the [magazine].”

get lost

Make your voice heard too! Contact your local travel agent and travel magazine and ask them not to promote this barbaric event. Boycott any event that uses animals for “entertainment”—there are plenty of alternatives.

Don’t forget to sign up here to become a PETA activist and speak out for all animals.

Posted by Jason Baker