PETA Finds Australian Cattle Still Butchered in Indonesia

Posted on by Abigail Forsyth

A shocking new PETA exposé shows that workers in Indonesia are still butchering animals imported from Australia, even though the Australian government insisted that the gruesome practice had been stopped.

In October 2023, an investigator recorded video footage showing that two cows with Australian ear tags were thrashing on a slaughterhouse floor after workers slashed their throats open. Both animals were still kicking and one was heard gurgling as they were dragged by their legs across the filthy floors and hoisted. One of the cows continued to struggle until a worker cut deeper into her throat.


In 2021, PETA investigated seven randomly selected slaughterhouses—some of which were part of the Australian government’s Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System—where Australian cattle were put into restraint boxes and repeatedly shot with a captive-bolt gun before their throats were cut. Workers sometimes failed to stun cattle effectively—if at all. Some animals were simply shoved into a restraint box, and their throats were then slashed. One panicked, still-conscious animal whose head was dangling from his neck was writhing in pain as a worker carved up the animal’s flesh and attempted to sever his head.

Little has changed since PETA’s earlier investigation. Australia’s meat industry still ships cows overseas to countries where, despite ESCAS standards, they’re killed in ways that would be illegal in Australia.

The Australian government has done nothing to stop this rampant abuse. Even though the Labor Party promised during its election campaign in 2019 to phase out the live export of sheep over five years, cattle weren’t included and the party has since refused to commit to a timeline for helping sheep. Nothing has changed.

The public can help end this reprehensible trade by going vegan today:

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