‘Cat Tricks’ Video in Which ‘Kitty’ Is Beaten Has Surprise Ending That Attacks Circus Cruelty

Posted on by PETA

It’s a two-parter that will have everyone upset—and should. “Cat Tricks” is a video of a man shouting at and hitting a house cat named Rufus until he stands on his hind legs and jumps from one stool to another like a tiger in a circus. But a behind-the-scenes video reveals that Rufus is entirely computer-generated—and that “Cat Tricks” was created to evoke empathy for the lions and tigers who are bullied and beaten into performing tricks in circuses and movies.


“Abuse is abuse, whether the animal being smacked is a house cat or a tiger,” says PETA US Senior Vice President Lisa Lange. “PETA’s video illustrates why not to buy a ticket to a circus that uses animals—or exploit a live animal for a TV show or movie. PETA is advocating for the use of computer-generated animals, as they don’t feel the terror of a threat, the pain of a whip, or the loneliness of a life in a cage.”

Big cats are still being exploited by traveling circuses, roadside zoos, and film and television productions across the country. Handlers whip and beat them to make them perform tricks, and when they’re not performing, they’re typically confined to cramped, barren cages, where they’re forced to eat, drink, sleep, urinate, and defecate all in the same place.

Help Stop Circus Industry Cruelty

Any circus that that uses animals inevitably subjects them to terrifying and cruel training methods as well as barren, cramped living conditions.

More people are becoming aware of the cruelty involved in forcing animals to perform, but it’s time for all of us to stop patronizing animal circuses. Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Greece, Mexico, Singapore, and many other countries around the world have banned or are in the process of banning wild-animal acts.

Please never patronize any animal “attraction.” Every ticket purchased supports a cruel industry. Take your friends and family to see only animal-free circuses.