China Southern Airlines Fined for Illegally Shipping Monkeys to Labs

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

monkey in cageThe U.S. Department of Agriculture has fined China Southern Airlines U.S.$11,600 for illegally shipping 1,380 monkeys over a six-month period in 2013 from breeding facilities in China to laboratories in the United States without a federal license to do so. The agency’s action was prompted by a complaint that PETA U.S. filed after they received a tip from a concerned whistleblower. China Southern was also fined $14,000 in 2012 for shipping primates without a license and not providing them with adequate food, water, and veterinary care, leading to the deaths of 16 monkeys.

Thankfully, China Southern’s monkey shipments—legal or not—are now a thing of the past because (and following three years of campaigning by PETA and our international affiliates), China Southern recently announced that it would join almost every other major airline in the world—including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, US Airways, Air China, El Al Israel Airlines, Philippine Airlines, and dozens of others—by refusing to continue to take part in this violent industry.

As more and more airlines have agreed to stop shipping primates to laboratories—where they are poisoned, crippled, and mutilated—experimenters have had a more difficult time getting their hands on monkeys to torment in their archaic procedures.

Tell Air France That Cruelty Doesnt Fly

Now that China Southern is off the market, please help us convince Air France to stop transporting primates to deadly laboratories. Take action today!

Posted by Jason Baker