Victory! Chocolatier Barry Callebaut Bans Tests on Animals

Posted on by PETA

Sweet news! After hearing from PETA’s affiliates, Switzerland-based chocolatier Barry Callebaut—the “world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate & cocoa products”—has publicly announced that it will not conduct, fund or commission any animal experiments unless they are explicitly required by law. In another kind move for animals, earlier this year, the multibillion-dollar company announced plans to open a completely vegan production facility in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

© Barry Callebaut Group

What Do Animals Endure in These Types of Experiments?

Prior to Barry Callebaut’s compassionate decision, PETA U.S. uncovered experiments on animals that the company contributed to—which were not required by law—published between 2007 and 2019.

As part of its campaign to end animal testing in the global food industry, PETA and our affiliates have exposed how for decades manufacturers have pursued tests that cut into, tormented, and killed thousands of animals during cruel laboratory experiments—all in misguided attempts to make marketing claims about products ranging from Ramen noodles to candy bars and from breakfast cereals to liquor.

By banning these and other animal tests after discussions with PETA’s affiliates, Barry Callebaut is committing to sparing other animals a similar fate. The company also sets a progressive example for other food and beverage producers to follow.

Conscientious shoppers play a huge part in driving the vegan revolution, and they don’t want to buy products that were cruelly tested on animals.

You Can Help Prevent Other Animals From Suffering in Experiments

Animals suffer in pointless food and beverage industry tests in many countries all over the world.

For example, Japan-based conglomerate Ajinomoto Co., Inc.—the world’s largest manufacturer of the controversial food flavor “enhancer” MSG—has been tormenting thousands of dogs, fish, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, pigs, rabbits, and rats in horrific and deadly experiments since the 1950s. Even though PETA has pressed the company to modernize and stop misleading consumers, Ajinomoto refuses to end cruel and worthless tests on animals.