Easter No Fun for Bunnies in New Zealand!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Easter means many different things to people throughout the world. For some, it is a strictly religious holiday and one of worship. For others, it is a time to spend with family. For children, it can mean a day filled with chocolate and Easter eggs. But for 24,000 rabbits in New Zealand every year, it means their barbaric slaughter.

Rabbits are small, intelligent, cute animals. These little animals are strict vegetarians—something that PETA loves. But they also happen to be prolific breeders. Unfortunately, these animals are now considered a pest throughout New Zealand, even though they were originally introduced by humans. Nonviolent and humane ways to manage the rabbit population in New Zealand exist, but apparently kiwis still prefer to shoot rabbits. Hunting does not manage population growth at all. In fact, through shooting and hunting animals, the natural balance is disrupted, which can cause the animals to breed further in order to fill the capacity that food resources support, increasing the population.

The best and easiest way for you to help these animals is to boycott all forms of hunting. You can also raise awareness of this issue and other animal rights issue via the PETA Asia-Pacific Facebook page.

Posted by Ashley Fruno