Filmmaker & Photographer Jack Harries Reveals the Tourist Traps That Abuse Animals

Posted on by PETA

Filmmaker and photographer Jack Harries shares inspiring travel videos with his millions of subscribers, and now, he’s teamed up with PETA to expose the cruel animal-exploiting tourist attractions that travellers need to avoid.

On holiday, we often come across animal attractions – including elephant treks, marine parks, and roadside zoos. Many sound appealing to people who love being around animals, but as Jack explains, it’s the animals who pay the price for tourists’ desire to have a close encounter with them:

Animals will continue to suffer as long as tourists go on paying for these animal-abusing activities while on holiday. … Remember: a moment of enjoyment for us can mean a lifetime of misery for them.

Being aware of the abuse behind animal attractions enables us to make informed choices when on holiday and to help end the cruelty by refusing to support it.