Hey, Singapore Airlines—This Is the Easiest Way to Help Offset Carbon Emissions on Your ‘Flights to Nowhere’

Posted on by PETA

As the pandemic continues to halt travel, Singapore Airlines is planning to launch “flights to nowhere”—flights that depart from and land at Changi Airport in Singapore.

That’s why PETA rushed a letter this week to Singapore Airlines asking it to offer travel-hungry customers exclusively vegan meals in order to help offset the flights’ carbon emissions.

As stated on its website, the airline claims that it’s committed to exploring opportunities for staff and customers to get involved in environmental protection, so here’s why taking animals off the menu on “flights to nowhere” is one of the most effective things that Singapore Airlines could do to advance its proactive policies:

The Impact Is Considerable

Animal agriculture is responsible for producing more greenhouse-gas emissions than is the entire worldwide transportation sector, and a lead researcher from the University of Oxford noted that, in terms of reducing one’s environmental impact on the planet, the effect of going vegan “is far bigger than cutting down on your flights.”

Research also shows that widespread vegan dining could cut global greenhouse-gas emissions from food by 70% by 2050. It’s well documented that animal agriculture uses massive amounts of water, land, and food resources.

These flights may be going nowhere fast, but serving exclusively vegan food would elevate Singapore Airlines’ meals to new heights while shedding some of its environmental baggage.

How to Request Vegan Meals for Your Next Flight

If you’re making plans to jet across international waters, rest assured that all major airlines offer vegan meals on request. If you don’t submit a request for vegan food when you purchase your ticket, be sure to call the airline at least 72 hours before your flight in order to make the necessary arrangements and then confirm your meal again while checking in at the airport.

Finding vegan food in places all over the world is easier than ever, too. The helpful HappyCow app locates nearby vegan and vegan-friendly establishments and supplies all the necessary details about menu offerings and location. The future is here, and it’s vegan.