Hundreds of Animals Treated as PETA Resumes Field Clinics in 2022

Posted on by Fajar Zakri

After a lengthy pause, PETA has resumed its field clinics, which are aimed at indigent communities across the Philippines and are organized regularly in various locations across the country. PETA’s first clinic in 2022 took place at Cainta, Rizal, in cooperation with the city veterinarian.

Held last March, the Cainta clinic proved to be a great success, with 187 animals, including 108 cats and 79 dogs, spayed or neutered and vaccinated by a veterinary team from the Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation.

First Adoption Meet and Greet in 2022

Also in March, PETA organized its first adoption meet and greet in Makati, at which we gave animals under its foster care the opportunity to meet their potential adopters.

For more information about upcoming meet and greets, adoption procedures, and the animals currently up for adoption, head over to PETA’s Ampon Alaga page.

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