Japan Dog Rescued: Canada Gets a New Citizen

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Belle's Big DayCanada is about to get a new “citizen.” Belle, who was abandoned following the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and I have just landed in Seattle and are now making our way to Belle’s new home in Canada.

PETA was the first international animal rights organization to reach disaster-affected areas in Japan, distributing supplies and searching the devastated areas for signs of life. Many evacuation centers in Japan barred animal companions, leaving residents with the choice of seeking safety and leaving their animals behind or remaining with their animals in unstable, dangerous homes. Countless other animals were abandoned after the disaster as people fled the country.

Want to help dogs like Belle? Please donate to PETA U.S.’ Animal Emergency Fund. Your donations will continue to assist groups in Japan who are still working tirelessly to provide aid to animals in the worst hit areas. And please make plans now in case disaster strikes.

Posted by Ashley Fruno