Life at the Bhawalpur Zoo: Confined, Lonely, Miserable

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

The conditions at Bhawalpur Zoo in Pakistan are enough to appall any compassionate person—just take a look at this video, which shows the zoo’s pair of lions being taunted by a zoo staffer. As if a life confined to a cement cell weren’t bad enough?

The sad plight of the animals in the Bhawalpur Zoo moved the Karachi-based photographer Amean J., too.—so much so that the noted photo ace recently published a book, simply titled BHV ZOO, which features a photo exposé of sad animals being neglected and isolated. Set against stark white pages, the black-and-white photographs illustrate the forlorn, ghost-like ambience of the zoo, with animals who wear expressions of abandonment and resignation. Click here for a preview of the photographs. BHV Zoo is also available as an e-book.

Are you as appalled as Asmean at the horrid state of the Bhawalpur Zoo? Taking action is as easy is pledging never to support the cruelty of captive-animal displays.

By Agnes Tam