Meet Bobo, the Robotic Bear Who Is Helping Kids Say NO to Circuses in China

Posted on by PETA

Children often have a natural empathy for animals. And when they learn that animals are suffering, many want to help stop it. So kids across China are getting the opportunity to interact with a “bear” who was recently freed from the circus, thanks to PETA’s new moving, talking 7-foot-tall robot named Bobo, which is voiced by Chinese celebrity Janine Chang.

Bobo is currently on tour visiting popular locations in Beijing.

As Bobo moves, Janine tells kids her story, explaining that bears are taken away from their families when they’re cubs, hung by their necks so that they’ll learn to stand on two legs, and then shipped around the country to perform tricks, such as hoola-hooping and riding a bike.

People are able to take pictures with Bobo and our sign, which reads in Chinese, “I love bears. I don’t watch circus performances,” and share them with family and friends. We’ve also handed out thousands of cute bear stickers and colorful leaflets detailing the suffering of bears used by circuses.

A three-minute video that includes powerful visual images taken from PETA’s eyewitness investigation of China’s circuses is also spreading the message about this cruel industry. A version of this video, along with footage of Janine recording the narrations, has been viewed more than 4 million times online.

Our work in China is changing hearts and minds. We’re taking actions that will have a lasting impact on all animals who are used for entertainment and that will help us to expand our educational efforts in the country. The future of animal welfare in China depends on a change in attitude. Our “bear” tour has been attracting a large number of families with children and is exposing the cruelty inherent in the country’s circus industry. As more young people learn about cruelty to animals and what they can do to stop supporting it, there is great hope for all animals.

What You Can Do

Please pledge never to buy a ticket to a circus or any other event that uses animals. Instead, support acts that focus only on spectacular human talent. Your pledge will let circuses know that animals aren’t ours to use for entertainment and that you won’t support an industry that profits from cruelty. Refuse to attend circuses that use animals, and urge your family members and friends to do the same.