Miranda Kerr Says ‘No’ to Animal Testing

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Miranda HeadshotKora Organics, the organic skin-care line started by supermodel Miranda Kerr, is the latest Australian company to join PETA U.S.’ Caring Consumer list – a comprehensive list of companies that refuse to test on animals. The company’s website states, “Both Miranda and KORA Organics fully support the fight against animal cruelty. Our products are not tested on animals and are classified Vegan.”

Animal testing for cosmetics still continues around the world despite its undeniable cruelty and the fact that animal tests teach us nothing about how a human would react to a product because animals of different species absorb, metabolise, and eliminate substances differently than humans. Most of these tests are not required by law. Miranda explains: “The KORA Organics products are not tested on animals but tested on me! And they don’t discriminate – they are suitable for women and men, children and babies.” In fact, she sometimes tests the face masks on her husband, actor Orlando Bloom!

Kora OrganicsYou can check PETA U.S.’ database of cruelty-free companies and products to see which companies have taken a stand and refused to conduct animal testing.

Pledge to be cruelty-free and refuse to spend your money on products made by companies that abuse animals!

Posted by Des Bellamy