No Monkey Business! Tell Airlines to Stop Transporting Monkeys to Laboratories!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Monkey in laboratoryUPDATE: VICTORY! United Airlines has banned the transport of primates to laboratories. The decision follows a year-long campaign by our affiliate PETA U.S. China Southern Airlines and Air France are the only remaining major airlines that transport primates destined for experiments. Let’s hope they follow United Airlines’ compassionate example and stop supporting cruel tests on primates soon.

Almost every major airline in the world refuses to transport monkeys to laboratories, so what’s the deal with United and Philippine Airlines? These airlines transport monkeys—often wild ones—from countries such as China, Mauritius, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. This activity constitutes a very significant ethical problem. Every year, tens of thousands of monkeys meet horrific fates in U.S. laboratories such as Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories and Covance by way of the few airlines left in the world that still transport them.

We need to stand up and tell United and other airlines that continue to ship monkeys that we won’t spend our money on their dirty businesses. These monkeys are often shipped on cargo flights in small, dark wooden crates. They experience a truly terrifying ordeal during shipment, only to end up in a laboratory that treats them in horrifying and utterly unethical ways.

Animal experimentation is awful, and United and other airlines are a big part of the problem.

How You Can Help!

Tell United and other airlines that you won’t stand for the transportation of monkeys to laboratories!

Contact United and these other airlines directly here:


Philippine Airlines

You can tweet at United Airlines on Twitter.

Post a message on United Airlines’ Facebook page.

Posted by Edwina Baier