Olympic Soccer Superstars Christen Press and Alex Morgan Want You to Adopt, Not Shop!

Posted on by PETA

Soccer superstars Alex Morgan and Christen Press of the U.S. women’s soccer team are encouraging everyone to adopt animals from shelters and give them lots of love, care, and respect—just as they do for their beloved rescued pups.

Alex Morgan and her rescued dog, Blue

Christen Press and her rescued dog, Morena

“Blue is part of our family,” says Morgan. “We’re not owners—if anything, he owns us. He owns our heart.” She goes on to describe why she wanted to adopt a dog rather than buying one from a breeder or pet shop: “There’s so many animals on the streets and so many animals [who] aren’t able to live the life that they should be able to live,” she says. “Animals should always be a part of the family, be taken care of, just as any child would be.”

Press shares how adopting her two dogs has changed her life. “They’re so special … [a]nd it’s just brought our family so close,” she says. “[T]his was an opportunity that we had to save a dog and to change the life course of these animals, and in the end, they ended up saving us.”

Millions of dogs and cats around the world enter animal shelters every year, and many of them have to be euthanized simply because there aren’t enough good homes for them. Countless more end up on the streets, where they may starve, be hit by cars, or endure abuse.

Are You Ready to Add a Companion Animal to Your Home?

Take these soccer stars’ advice and always adopt. Head over to your local animal shelter, where you’re sure to find eager pups of all ages who would love to become a member of your family!

If you know of anyone shopping for an animal from a pet store, breeder, or market, remind them that every time a dog or cat is purchased, an animal in a shelter loses a chance to find a loving home.

Prevent more animals from suffering by signing PETA’s pledge to ensure that your animal companions are spayed or neutered.