PETA’s 2020 Company of the Year Has Meatless Menus

Posted on by PETA

Following Ovolo Hotels’ announcement that it’s removing meat from its menus for an entire year, the company has been named PETA’s 2020 Company of the Year!

Ovolo Hotels has received a framed award certificate.

Ovolo announced the new policy in October, noting that all its hotels in Hong Kong and Australia would be meat-free for the next 12 months in an effort “to be conscious about what we are consuming and practice environmental sustainability as best we can.”

It’s no surprise that a company passionate about sustainability would ban meat. Not only does raising animals for food cause immense animal suffering, it also requires massive amounts of land, food, energy, and water.

A recent comprehensive study found that by 2030, replacing just 10% of animal-derived foods with plant-based alternatives worldwide could prevent 176 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, free up 38 million hectares of land, and save 8.6 billion cubic meters of water each year.

Ovolo Hotels proves that any business can help protect animals and the environment.

Last year, Green Monday was named our Company of the Year for sparing the lives of millions of pigs with OmniMeat.

Help prevent sensitive animals from enduring a miserable life and a terrifying death: Go vegan.

Leaving animals off your plate is the easiest job in the world. Best of all, you’ll prevent nearly 200 of them every year from enduring violence and rampant abuse in the meat, egg, and dairy industries—in which huge numbers of them are crammed into filthy sheds or cramped cages, routinely mutilated, and slaughtered, often while they’re still conscious.