Paul McCartney Joins the Chorus for Mali’s Transfer

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Perhaps the world’s most famous singer and songwriter is stepping up to help one of the world’s loneliest elephants. Acclaimed rock-and-roller Paul McCartney has penned a heartfelt letter to President Benigno Aquino III of the Philippines asking him to move forward with Mali’s transfer to a sanctuary.

Mali has been confined to a barren, decrepit enclosure for more than 36 years. History has been made while she has been within her concrete cell—two revolutions in the Philippines, six presidents, five popes, the fall of the Berlin wall, the marriage of the Prince of Wales and his son three decades later, earthquakes, tsunamis, Chernobyl, etc.—but her view has never changed. She has no trees, no grass, no dirt beneath her feet—just the same walls confining her to a life sentence.

Paul McCartney letterMcCartney is far from the first notable celebrity to stand up for Mali. Others include Pamela Anderson, Ely Buendia, Morrissey, and Yusuf Islam (aka “Cat Stevens”). Elephant experts the world over have also been vocal, stating that Mali should be given a second chance at life in a sanctuary. Dr. Henry Melvyn Richardson, Lisa Kane, Dr. Jane Goodall, and Dr. Blair Csuti, among many others, have urged the Manila Zoo and the government of the Philippines to transfer Mali immediately to a sanctuary.

“I have great regard for governments that intervene on behalf of animals,” McCartney states—and we agree! Help Mali get her second chance. Join him by writing letters to President Aquino asking for Mali’s transfer to Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary to be made a priority. Mali has waited long enough!

Please send polite letters to:

His Excellency Benigno Aquino III
President of the Republic of the Philippines
Office of the President
Malacañang Compound
Manila, Philippines
[email protected]

Posted by Edwina Baier