PETA Asia’s 2022 Highlights for Animals

Posted on by PETA

2022 was a busy year for PETA Asia. We continued to rescue homeless animals in the Philippines, which was devastated by serious storms, including Super Typhoon Rai and Typhoon Noru. These forceful storms brought torrential rains, surging water, and violent winds. PETA Asia assisted with the recovery efforts by providing food, medicine, and other necessary supplies for the many dogs, cats, and humans who were affected by these natural disasters.

Bringing Relief to the Philippines

PETA Asia staff and volunteers – as well as a veterinarian hired by PETA Asia – traveled to the island after the storms to distribute additional supplies, provide veterinary care, and help a local shelter get back on its feet by cleaning, doing construction work, bathing dogs, and treating or vaccinating animals for medical conditions, including TVT, mange, heartworm, and other diseases.

We held twelve spay/neuter clinics throughout the country, in partnership with Biyaya Animal Care Services. The clinics took place at basketball courts in indigent communities, bringing free spay/neuter services to impoverished areas.

Our veterinary partners sterilized 2,767 dogs and cats at these clinics, and PETA Asia spayed or neutered an additional 775 animals. We found loving new homes for more than 80 rescued animals.

PETA Asia’s Adoption Efforts

PETA Asia developed adoption brochures and business cards, which we hand out whenever we walk and socialize rescued dogs, created an Instagram page about PETA Asia’s adoption efforts, featured our work on a Facebook page, and secured free billboard placement to further encourage people to adopt, not shop.

We also placed advertisements in an attempt to reunite animals with their former guardians if we suspected they already had a loving family. Out of a dozen or so animals we advertised this year, only Brownie was claimed.

Putting Out Fires in Pasay

We also helped families in Pasay after a massive fire engulfed a block of houses in Malibay. PETA Asia distributed dog and cat food to families staying in the burned-out homes along with their animal companions, and treated several of the dogs for mange.

PETA Asia Offers Veterinary Assistance

PETA Asia also has a Vet Assistance Program that provides financial assistance to anyone who can’t afford treatment for sick or injured animals. In 2022, we provided emergency veterinary care to more than 35 animals whose indigent guardians couldn’t afford veterinary care.

Animals need all the help we can give them, and we’re happy to have so many caring members and supporters who make this work possible.

With your help, PETA Asia was able to help countless animals (and their guardians) in 2022 – despite the lingering pandemic. We’re looking forward to helping even more animals in 2023!