PETA Australia Implores Stud Producers to End Mulesing

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

More than 500 stud merino breeders in Australia received an unexpected e-mail last week: a letter from PETA Australia imploring them to take action to help end the cruel practice of “mulesing.” In a misguided attempt to control flystrike, farmers use instruments resembling gardening shears to cut huge chunks of flesh from sheep’s backsides, while others use clamps similar to vise grips (known as “clips”) to squeeze chunks of skin tightly together until the flesh dies and sloughs off weeks later.

PETA Australia Implores Stud Producers to End Mulesing

The worst part? It’s not necessary. Approximately 20 percent of Australian farmers already control flystrike with humane methods, such as breeding bare-breech and plain-bodied sheep.

In the letter, PETA Australia Director of Campaigns Jason Baker wrote, “It is up to each farmer and breeder to do the right thing – if not for the well-being of sheep, then for the future of your business – and stud merino breeders can be a vital part of making the transition.”

Want to do your part to end this cruel mutilation from down under? Show this video to all your friends and ask them never to buy wool.

Posted by Jason Baker