Safari World Takes a Step Backward

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

As if imprisoning hundreds of animals in cages and tanks that deprive them of everything that is natural and important to them weren’t enough cruelty for one theme park, Bangkok’s Safari World forces male orangutans to partake in dangerous boxing matches while female orangutans wearing bikinis display the round number.


Sick, isn’t it? The barbaric displays were previously banned by the Thai government after 48 animals who had been illegally smuggled from Indonesia were seized. Animals forced to perform are subjected to rigorous and abusive training methods to coerce them into doing stressful, confusing, uncomfortable, and even painful acts—like boxing. Training methods can include beatings, the use of electric prods, food deprivation, and drugging. After all this, the anguished entertainers are retired to corridors that would make a Thai prison cell look like the Shangri-La.

Want to help animals used for cruel spectacles like this? Tell everyone you know never to support zoos, circuses, or other animal acts. You can also post information warning tourists about the cruelty of zoos and other animal displays on traveler’s forums and sites that review attractions.

Please also take a moment to write to the ambassador of Thailand to your country and ask that he or she do everything possible to intervene for all Thai animals. Animal protection laws, particularly for animals in zoos and other entertainment displays, are essentially non-existent in Thailand. And if you have an animal-saving tip that we forgot, don’t forget to share!

Posted by Ashley Fruno