Senator Speaks Out for Mali

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Mali Manila ZooPhilippine Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago has filed a resolution urging the Senate to look into the condition of Mali, a 38-year-old solitary and ailing female elephant suffering at the Manila Zoo, and to study the proposal to transfer her to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, which has already agreed to accept her.

“The sanctuary in Thailand could provide her with all the things that the Manila Zoo could not, including the care of experts and the company of other elephants. Several elephant experts have said that Mali is suffering from a number of ailments, including a potentially fatal foot condition,” Santiago said.

In the resolution, Defensor Santiago cites 12 compelling reasons why Mali must be transferred to the sanctuary immediately. Prominent among them is the Animal Welfare Act of 1998, which states that it is unlawful for any person to neglect to offer adequate care to any animal. According to Dr. Henry M. Richardson, a noted elephant veterinarian who traveled to the Philippines for the express purpose of observing Mali, she is suffering from untreated and potentially fatal foot ailments, including cracks that are open to infection and that must urgently be addressed by a trained foot-care specialist.

More than 50 prestigious animal protection organizations from around the globe have spoken out in support of PETA’s campaign to transfer Mali. Also lending their support are film legend Brigitte Bardot, British musician Morrissey, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, and Dr. Jane Goodall.

Want to join Senator Defensor Santiago and do your part to help Mali? Check out this list of ideas for how you can support the campaign and help ensure that Mali gets the life that she deserves.

Posted by Ashley Fruno