South Africa Speaks Out Against Namibian Seal Slaughter

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

In honor of the international anti-sealing day, local South African groups Fur Free, Beauty Without Cruelty, and Sea Shepherd united for a star-studded news conference that attracted media in hordes. Among the attendees were performing artists Cito and Louise Carver, TV presenter Braam Malherbe, Miss South Africa 2010 Bokang Montjane and models Christina Storm and Candice Brink.

Fur Free Press Conference

During Namibia’s annual seal slaughter, tens of thousands of baby seals have their heads bashed in or are shot. Most of the seals killed are still nursing and have not yet learned how to swim.

Helpless to escape, seal pups are bashed over the head repeatedly with clubs, while their mothers—who are powerless to protect them—watch and wail nearby. Anyone who wears any fur shares the blame for the torment and gruesome death of millions of animals each year. Cito said it best: “This disregard for life has got to stop. South Africa stopped its seal cull in 1990, and it’s about time that Namibia follows suit .”

Posted by Jason Baker