Take Our ‘What Do You Really Know About Sheep?’ Quiz!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Sheep are social and intelligent animalsAre sheep just walking wool coats or could they actually be like our friends and family? Or could they maybe even be secret Einsteins? Take our six-question quiz right now and find out!

Look at the following statements and ask yourself if they’re true or false. We’re not revealing any clues, but we will say this: The results will surprise you!  

  1.      Sheep follow the flock—sometimes to their deaths—for no good reason.
  2.       Sheep just do what they’ve always done; they don’t learn new things.
  3.       Sheep can’t tell each other apart.
  4.       Sheep have few emotions.
  5.       Sheep know what we are feeling and can care about us.
  6.       Sheep can withstand pain more easily than we can.

Stay tuned for the answers! While you’re waiting, sign up to help sheep by joining our activist network today!

Posted by Jason Baker