Take That, Canada

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Visitors to the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei were greeted by an unusual surprise last week: two PETA protestors, wearing nothing but painted Canadian emblems. The flag duo, who braved near freezing wind chills, wanted potential visitors to the Great White North to know that Canada is still responsible for the killing of tens of thousands of seals every year.

Baby seals have their heads bashed in or are shot, and many are skinned alive. The European Union and the U.S. have banned seal products, and the Taiwan Forestry Bureau has stated that they may be the first region in Asia to ban the import of the products because of public demand.

You don’t have to get naked to help seals (unless you want to)! Taking action is as easy as clicking here and penning a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking him to end this bloody stain on Canada’s worldly reputation immediately.

Posted by Agnes Tam