Top 10 Tuesday: Common Mistakes Made by Animal Lovers (Part 1)

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Happy Tuesday! We’re here to make that almost-as-bad-as-Monday weekday just a little bit better by letting you in on the 10 most common mistakes made by people who love animals so that you never again have to say, “But I meant well!”

Mistake 1: Patronizing animal displays

Animals in zoos are kept in cages that don’t come close to replicating the jungles, deserts, and forests that are the animals’ natural homes. Animals in circuses and other acts are forced to perform under the threat of being physically punished.


Every newborn puppy or kitten contributes to the overpopulation crisis.

Mistake 2: Falling for “free-range” or “organic” labels

Many animals who are raised on “organic” or “free-range” farms suffer from the same cruelty that animals on factory farms do. Most eggs that are labeled “free-range” come from hens who are raised in dark, extremely crowded sheds. Male chicks are killed upon hatching, often by suffocation or by being ground up alive.

Mistake 3: Letting Fluffy or Fido have “just one litter”

Every puppy or kitten born means one less home for a dog or cat who is languishing in an animal shelter or roaming the streets.

Mistake 4: Letting a fur-wearer walk by

Whether it’s handing fur-wearers an anti-fur leaflet or simply saying, “Shame on you for wearing fur,” animals need every caring person to speak up for them—every time.

Mistake 5: Thinking leather is “only” a byproduct of the slaughterhouse industry

The meat industry relies on leather sales since skin is the most economically important byproduct of the meat-packing industry.

To be continued …

Posted by Jason Baker.