Tour Companies Say ‘No’ to Turtle Island Cruelty

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

After PETA received complaints from local and foreign tourists disgusted by the cruel living conditions of the animals who are held captive on Turtle Island, we took immediate action. PETA penned letters to every tour company we could find, ensuring that they knew about the atrocious conditions animals are housed in on Turtle Island. Upon receiving PETA’s letter, several tour operators immediately canceled tours to the substandard menagerie.

The turtles who are housed in the decrepit zoo—which operates under the veil of “conservation”—are reportedly kept in very small barren tanks and pools, and the larger turtles cannot even swim because of a lack of water and space. The facility also houses several other types of animals—including birds, iguanas, monkeys, bats, and pythons—many of whom, it appears, do not have constant access to food and water. Birds are kept in cages that are so cramped that they cannot even spread their wings. Three fruit bats are housed in a small pen that does not give them any protection from the searing Bali sun.

We’d like to give a round of virtual applause to the compassionate tour operators who realize that people wouldn’t enjoy seeing the poor living conditions of the animals on Turtle Island. If you want to help animals like those on Turtle Island, please never patronize zoos.

Posted by Agnes Tam