Victory! Traveling Dolphin Circus Shows Are Now Banned in Indonesia

Posted on by PETA

Traveling dolphin circuses are no more in Indonesia!

Following requests from PETA, our supporters, and Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project, Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry has finally implemented a nationwide ban on cruel traveling dolphin circus shows. The ministry originally vowed to ban them in 2013 but dragged its feet until now.

Dolphins used for traveling circuses in Indonesia were forced to perform five times a day. The organizers of these shows offered cheap tickets to lure large crowds to watch dolphins in cramped plastic pools perform dangerous tricks, such as jumping through rings of fire. After performing, the animals were packed into small boxes for transportation by van to the next venue, enduring stressful journeys lasting up to three days. Many of them died prematurely because of the poor living conditions, lack of care, and stressful, unnatural environment.

More Needs to Be Done

Although traveling dolphin circus shows are now banned in Indonesia, other animal circuses are still permitted in that country and across Asia.

Please, never visit or support any circus or other establishment that forces animals to perform. Animals are not ours to use for entertainment, and every ticket purchase supports a cruel industry.

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