Victory! 80 Monkeys Saved From Laboratory

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

After thousands of emails, hundreds of phone calls and a “monkey” paying a visit to China Southern Airlines’ L.A. office, the airline—which is the largest in China—has made the compassionate decision to  cancel its plans to ship 80 monkeys from China to the U.S. where they were going to end up in the hands of Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (SNBL) and Harlan Laboratories and be tormented in cruel experiments.  

The “monkey” poses with two China Southern Airlines employees.

Now, we’re hoping China Southern Airlines will join with many other major airlines, including Delta, American, United, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic, and refuse to transport primates to laboratories ever again. Please write to them at [email protected]. We’ll keep you posted! 

From the PETA Files