Victory! MR DIY Have Permanently Closed Their Store in Pata Mall

Posted on by Jess Henderson

MR DIY have announced that they have permanently closed their store in Pata Mall, home to the decrepit Pata Zoo, thanks to pressure from PETA.

The home improvement store will join Watsons, Lotus’s, Cute Press and Oriental Princess, who are also ending their tenancy at the mall.

Animals at Pata Zoo are in anguish, confined to dark, desolate cages and deprived of everything that’s natural and important to them. They suffer from severe frustration and show signs of neurotic and abnormal behavior caused by living in such confinement. Kat, an orangutan who gets little to no mental stimulation, and Bua Noi, a female gorilla who has been alone behind bars since 1983, both suffer from extreme loneliness, as they’ve each been relegated to a barren concrete enclosure.

Animals at Pata Zoo Need Your Help

PETA has reached out to the Pata Zoo’s director multiple times with offers to help transfer the animals to reputable sanctuaries, where they would have trees to climb, grass to roll in, and other animals to socialize with. Indefensibly, he has refused.

Please ask Pata Zoo’s director to accept PETA’s offer to retire these animals to a sanctuary.