WATCH: Baby Albino Dolphin Kidnapped and Forced to Live in Tiny, Chlorinated Prison

Posted on by Nirali Shah

Update: Australia For Dolphins are working to move Angel into a sea pen where she will be able to feel the ocean’s current, be in salt water, and have much more room to move. The below petition is now closed.

Meet Angel—a rare albino dolphin who was savagely stolen from her home during Taiji’s horrifying dolphin hunts and imprisoned in a tiny, chlorinated tank at the Taiji Whale Museum in Japan.

Because of her extremely rare coloring, Angel is viewed as a prized possession. After fishers spotted her swimming in the ocean with her family in Japan, they drove the pod into a cove, where they captured Angel and barbarically slaughtered her family.

Angel now spends her days in a tiny, barren tank with four or five other dolphins, with nothing to do apart from swimming endlessly in circles. The baby dolphin is reportedly covered with rake marks, presumably from being attacked by dominant males, and she keeps her sensitive eyes closed in the strongly chlorinated water.

The annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan, is gruesome enough, but for the animals captured alive, the agony doesn’t end in the bloody cove waters. They, like Angel, may be sold to aquariums, marine parks, or “swim-with-dolphins” programs, where they will spend their lives confined to cramped tanks.

It’s no surprise that Angel and the other dolphins kept in this prison are suffering. In the wild, dolphins are highly social and swim up to 160 kilometers a day in pods. In captivity, they can swim only in endless circles. Living in unnatural and cramped chlorinated tanks is so stressful that many dolphins develop ulcers, exhibit neurotic behavior, and die prematurely.

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