Zebra in Japan Dies After Being Chased and Tranquilized

Posted on by Nirali Shah

A young zebra in Japan reportedly died after breaking free from his handlers and leading pursuers on an hours-long chase. The bizarre “event” was broadcast live, as people on social media followed the animal’s journey. The story ended tragically: The zebra apparently died after a veterinarian tranquilized him, causing him to fall into a lake and possibly drown. Reports indicate that it’s unclear whether he died from drowning or from the tranquilizer.

It’s not just Japan that’s seen zebras flee from captivity. Just days ago, another pair of zebras broke free from UniverSoul Circus in California, months after a pair of zebras escaped from the same circus in Philadelphia. Although the zebras in both these instances were recovered alive, they no doubt endured tremendous stress as they were pursued through busy, noisy streets. As the scared animals navigated through areas with heavy traffic, both they and humans in their path were in danger.

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The matter is as black and white as their stripes: Zebras don’t want to be held in captivity, nor should they be.

What You Can Do

Don’t patronize zoos, circuses, or any other place that profits from keeping animals in captivity.