Traveling in the Philippines? Volunteer to Help Animals

PETA’s Kapon/Ligation Immediately, Please (KLIP) program helps dogs and cats in impoverished areas of the Philippines, where homeless and neglected animals are a common sight. If you’re traveling to the greater Manila area, you have a unique opportunity to help us help animals by volunteering for half a day with the KLIP program.

Animals in the areas that KLIP services are often left to scrounge for scraps of food and clean drinking water just to survive. Most residents can’t afford even basic veterinary care, including spaying and neutering, and the animal population is spiraling out of control. But KLIP is changing that. Since we started the program, we’ve spayed or neutered and vaccinated over 500 cats and dogs living in impoverished neighborhoods of Metro Manila. We transport animals to veterinarians for surgery and then return them to their grateful families. We also treat them for aliments such as mange, parasitic infestations, and other health problems—all at no cost to their guardians (most of whom are also struggling to get by).

For a minimum donation of PHP$2,500 (around USD$48), you can join the KLIP program for an afternoon. Volunteers will help project coordinators catch and transport animals to veterinary clinics; walk, bathe, and feed chained and free-roaming animals; and assist with basic veterinary care.

Contact us for more information on volunteering.