Take Action: PETA Discovers American Racehorse Was Recently Slaughtered in South Korea!

Do you think that when Private Vow was being forced into the slaughterhouse, he was just as scared as the other horses PETA U.S. documented trembling in fear before they were killed in South Korea? We wonder if he remembered the humans he met during his racing career, like his trainer, jockeys, or owner. We wonder if any of those people thought about Private Vow, the money that he had won for them, or how they and the entire racing industry had let him down. Did they even know that after his racing career, Private Vow was used for breeding in the U.S. and South Korea and sired 196 foals? And did they know that when he was no longer profitable as a breeding stallion in South Korea, he was sent to slaughter so that his flesh could be eaten by humans and dogs or rendered into beauty products?

The discovery of Private Vow’s killing comes after PETA’ exposé into the largest horse slaughterhouse in South Korea, which led the Korea Racing Authority (KRA) to agree to work toward implementing a retirement program for racehorses. While the KRA has taken some token steps, it still subsidizes the slaughter industry and has failed to curtail the number of ex-racehorses sent to slaughterhouses.

After learning of the slaughter of Private Vow and the cruelty that PETA U.S. documented in the South Korean horse slaughterhouse, The Stronach Group, a global race industry leader, is now joining PETA in urging all North American auction companies, breeders, and owners to develop policies that prohibit the sale of Thoroughbred racehorses and broodmares to South Korea without meaningful and binding assurances that these animals will be protected.

Horses are intelligent and have even shown that they can understand symbols and use them to make requests. They deserve better than a terrifying trip to the slaughterhouse.

Please demand that the KRA implement a comprehensive retirement plan for unwanted horses in South Korea.