Stella McCartney and Her Neon Kitties

Stella McCartney’s autumn 2016 collection was inspired by her love of animals. And her corresponding store windows were inspired by her love of PETA U.S.

Just when you thought Stella couldn’t get any cooler, her stores in China, Japan, and all around the world will showcase these large, lighted cat artworks in their windows until September. And each store window will also feature the PETA logo and information on how her fans can donate to help animals. All the proceeds will benefit PETA U.S.’ lifesaving spay/neuter initiative. PETA U.S. veterinarians have spayed or neutered 80,000 cats since 2001. At the end of the season, Stella’s window cats will be “adopted” by PETA and our international affiliates’ offices.

Spaying and neutering makes a big difference: In seven years, one female cat and her offspring can potentially produce an incredible 370,000 kittens!

Spay Neuter infographicPETA US

Tweet your thanks to Stella, and spread the word about the importance of spaying and neutering, using the hashtag #StellaMcCATney.