IKEA Now Sells Vegan Ice Cream in Malaysia

Did you hear the news? IKEA stores in Malaysia are now serving vegan ice cream!


The company posted on its Malaysia Facebook page last week stating, “We’ve now swapped our vanilla soft-serve with 100% plant-based, dairy and gluten-free Soya ice-cream! All part of our plan towards a more sustainable environment, one Soya ice-cream at a time.”

Had @ikeamalaysia soy soft serve. Trust and believe it’s soy much better than their vanilla soft serve. #soy #softserve #soyserve #ikea #snacks #icecream #ikeaspotting #my #malaysia

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By making this compassionate switch, IKEA will help spare cows a lifetime of suffering in the dairy industry. After all, there’s nothing cute or refreshing about the way in which mother cows “scream” for ice cream (or for the production of any other dairy “products”). Calves are torn away from their mothers, who sometimes spend days looking for their missing offspring. When cows’ milk production wanes, they’re sent to slaughter.

Consuming dairy milk has also been linked to many serious health problems—including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Can’t get to an IKEA store in Malaysia? Try making this avocado and mint chocolate chip ice cream at home:

Also, don’t forget to keep an eye out for cruelty-free ice cream made from soy, rice, coconut, or almond milk sold at your local supermarket or health-food store. With so many nondairy ice creams currently available, it’s time to go vegan.