Celebrated Author, Academic, and Buddhist Monk Matthieu Ricard Stars in New PETA Video

For Immediate Release:
March 20, 2017

Just in time for the International Day of Happiness (March 20), French biologist turned Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard—who scientists call the “Happiest Man in the World”—teamed up with PETA for an exclusive new video that reveals why he believes going vegan is the key to lasting happiness. According to him, true happiness is inextricably linked to compassion toward all living beings, including animals.

“I am extremely concerned by the fate of the 8 million other species who share this world with us, and who, like us, wish to avoid suffering and live out their lives”, Ricard says, citing cows on dairy farms who are often slaughtered while they’re fully conscious and able to feel pain once they’re no longer considered useful to the dairy industry.

“When you ask people ‘Are you in favour of justice and morality?’ everyone will say yes”, he says. “‘Do you think’, you could then ask, ‘that it is just and moral to inflict unnecessary suffering on sentient beings?’ Everyone will say no. And that’s exactly the case, because today this suffering is not necessary.”

Ricard goes on to point out the meat industry’s devastating impact on the environment, including its massive greenhouse-gas emissions, the shocking amount of grain that’s fed to farmed animals instead of to hungry humans, and the recent World Health Organization report that eating meat is detrimental to people’s health.

He concludes, “True happiness can only be attained when we avoid causing pain to others, so please become vegan like me”.

Broadcast-quality footage is available for download here and here. For more information, please visit PETAAsia.com or our Facebook page.