Caged Activists to Protest Olympic Egg Cruelty

What:             Tomorrow, PETA supporters with a sign reading, “Be a Champion for Animals: Don’t Eat Eggs,” will confine themselves to a cramped cage outside the Japan Sport Olympic Square to replicate the horrific conditions a recent PETA exposé found chickens to be kept in. PETA is protesting ISE Foods, Japan’s largest egg producer, which is certified to sell eggs at the 2020 Games.

The action follows shocking video footage released by PETA revealing suffering chickens on a farm belonging to ISE Foods, prompting PETA to call on the Olympics to take eggs off the menu altogether.

On the farm, injured birds suffering from painful conditions caused by excessive egg-laying were crammed into spaces so small they couldn’t even stretch their wings. Dead chickens were left to rot alongside survivors and other birds covered with red, inflamed sores. ISE Foods’ Japan Good Agricultural Practices certification allows it to supply eggs for the Olympics. According to the company, auditors visited the farm and approved its certification, a process that PETA’s exposé calls into question.

“ISE was caught clearly abusing chickens, and the Olympics need to take a stand against this abuse,” says PETA Senior Vice President Jason Baker. “Unfortunately, cruelty is industry-wide, so PETA’s urging everyone in Japan to be a champion for animals by ditching eggs.”

Where:           Japan Sport Olympic Square, in front of the Olympic ring monument
Please see the Google Maps link here.

When:             Tuesday, July 20, 12 noon sharp






PETA’s protest will take place here.

Your coverage is invited.

Broadcast-quality video footage and images of the ISE farm are available upon request.

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