Chinese New Year: Activists In Bodypaint Ask Manila Shoppers To Leave Snakes In The Jungle

PETA Members Raise Awareness About the Cruelty Behind Animal Skins in Honor of the Year of the Snake

For Immediate Release:

February 7, 2013

Manila — With their naked bodies painted to look like snakeskin and holding signs that read, “Snakes Suffer for Exotic Skins,” Vera Emrich from Germany and Ashley Fruno from Canada, activists for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia, will lead a protest to celebrate the Year of the Snake on Friday in Chinatown. PETA wants tourists and shoppers to know that snakes killed for their skins are often decapitated, beaten to death, or even skinned alive.

When:       Friday, February 8, 12 noon sharp

Where:     In front of the Carriedo Fountain, Ongpin Street, Chinatown, Manila

International fashion trendsetters, including Victoria’s Secret and H&M, have already agreed to stop selling products made from exotic-animal skins. PETA is calling on other companies, including Hermès, to end the sale of these skins, too.

“I’ll gladly bare some of my skin if it will help save animals’ skin,” says PETA “snake” Ashley Fruno. “Each year, millions of animals endure unspeakable cruelty so that the fashion industry can make purses, belts, and shoes. By dropping exotic-animal skins from their collections, companies have sent the message that cruelty to animals is never fashionable.”

Contrary to popular belief, snakes rarely pose a threat to humans. Most snakes who live near humans are harmless, and snake encounters are rare, thanks to their keen ability to detect vibrations using their bellies and lower jaws. Their forked tongues also act like built-in radar to help them know what’s going on around them.

PETA’s undercover investigation of the exotic-skins trade in Indonesia revealed shocking cruelty. Workers shove skewers up snakes’ noses in order to immobilize them. To separate the animals’ skins from their organs, workers pump them full of water while they are still conscious and then tear the skins off the living animals’ bodies. Snakes can suffer for days before succumbing to shock or dehydration.

Broadcast-quality video footage of snakes being killed for their skins is available at

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