‘End Speciesism,’ Proclaim Cow, Pig, and Sheep on New PETA Billboard

Campaign Challenges the Idea That Humans Are Superior to All Other Animals

For Immediate Release:
28 July 2020

Durban – For those who must travel, PETA is serving up some food for thought and challenging South Africans to think about animals differently with a billboard running outside King Shaka International Airport: The ad shows a cow, a pig, and a sheep and the words “#EndSpeciesism. We, too, feel pain, love, joy, and fear.”

It’s part of a new national campaign against speciesism – the archaic belief that despite their extraordinary talents, abilities, and intelligence, all other animal species are inferior to our own and that it’s acceptable to exploit them.

The billboard was provided free of charge by Face First Media and is located outside King Shaka International Airport (, at the main entrance to the terminal building’s drop-off and pick-up zone). See the Google Maps link here.

More images are available upon request.

“All animals – from humans to pigs – are made of flesh and blood, feel pain and fear, desire freedom, love their offspring, have unique personalities, and value their own lives,” says PETA Senior Vice President Jason Baker. “PETA’s billboard encourages everyone to fight speciesism by valuing all animals for who they are as individuals, not for the ways they can be exploited.”

Because of human prejudice, billions of cows, pigs, and others are hacked apart in abattoirs every year – and sheep undergo the cruelty of live export from South Africa to the Middle East, where they’re slaughtered after enduring gruelling journeys on extremely crowded, filthy, disease-ridden ships, which many of the animals do not survive.

PETA – whose motto reads, “Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way” – encourages everyone to combat speciesism by choosing vegan food and fashion, buying cosmetics that weren’t tested on animals, staying away from zoos, and otherwise rejecting the exploitation of all animals.

For more information, please visit PETAAsia.com or follow the group on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.