PETA US Expands Successful US$2.9 Million Donation Program to Kenya Red Cross Society and Others to Save Animals and Improve Medical Training

For Immediate Release:
April 26, 2017

Nairobi – Hundreds of animals in Kenya will no longer be cut apart and killed in medical training courses, thanks to PETA US’ donation of two state-of-the-art TraumaMan surgical simulators, worth US$50,000.

Kenya will now use the TraumaMan simulator instead of animals to train doctors in their American College of Surgeons (ACS)–sponsored Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) program. The ATLS program is the standard of care for the initial assessment and treatment of patients with traumatic injuries. TraumaMan – whose manufacturer, Simulab Corporation, collaborated with PETA US on the donation – is ACS-approved as a replacement for animal use in ATLS training. It replicates a breathing, bleeding human torso with realistic skin, tissue, ribs, and internal organs. Trainees in Kenya will no longer be required to cut crude holes into the chests, throats, abdomens, and limbs of thousands of live dogs, goats, pigs, and sheep each year.

Compared to animal-based exercises, TraumaMan systems are more portable, less costly, and reusable, and studies show that doctors who learn life-saving surgical skills on TraumaMan are more proficient than those who cut into animals, largely because these simulators actually mimic human anatomy.

“ATLS Kenya is proud to be able to train physicians to treat traumatic injuries using effective human simulation technology instead of live animals while also reducing the cost of this critical training, thanks to a generous donation of advanced TraumaMan models from PETA”, says Dr Daniel Ojuka, ATLS course director at ATLS Kenya, part of the Kenya Red Cross Society. “Participants in the Advanced Trauma Life Support program will now be able to learn lifesaving procedures without practicing surgical procedures on animals.”

The US Department of Defense and nearly all US civilian programs no longer use animals for ATLS training. This brings the total number of countries that have ended the use of dogs, pigs, goats, and sheep for crude medical training to 20, following PETA US donations over the last three years.

Photos of TraumaMan models donated by PETA US are available upon request. For more information, please click here.