Pamela Anderson To Zimbabwe: Stop Export Of Kidnapped Baby Elephants

Actor Calls On Minister of Environment to Stop the Exportation of Elephants From Zimbabwe

For Immediate Release:
7 April 2015

Harare – With dozens of fragile baby elephants held captive in Zimbabwe and set to be sold to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and China, Pamela Anderson sent an urgent letter on PETA’s behalf this morning asking Saviour Kasukuwere, Minister of Environment, Water and Climate, to stop the elephants’ exportation. She also wrote to authorities in the UAE and China.

Anderson – an honorary director of PETA US, whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to use for entertainment” – notes in her letter that France recently cancelled its plans to buy and import up to 20 elephants who were captured in Zimbabwe.

“As a mother, I have been deeply upset by the heartbreaking news about the 80 or so baby elephants who were torn away from their families, many even witnessing their own family’s gruesome slaughter”, writes Anderson. “Please prioritize the welfare of these helpless baby elephants by banning their sale and exportation and urge your government comrades to join the 21st century by reuniting these elephants with their families. Every compassionate soul around the globe will appreciate your kind-hearted decision.”