PETA Distributes ‘Huntsman’ Condoms as a Way to Nip Future Generations of Animal-Slayers in the Bud

For Immediate Release:
April 15, 2016

Johannesburg – In the wake of the global outrage sparked by Walter Palmer’s trophy hunt in Zimbabwe – during which the American dentist shot Cecil the lion with a high-powered crossbow and left him to suffer with a steel arrow through his body for more than 40 hours – notorious trophy hunters, including Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, have received packs of complimentary Huntsman Condoms, camouflage-wrapped prophylactics that boast they are “a piece of safety equipment that makes no compromises on pleasure or performance”. But a new video reveals the condoms’ surprising source: PETA.

The animal rights group distributed the condoms, with one aim: to encourage hunters to stop reproducing.

“Bad parents who gun down wildlife and stick animals’ heads on the wall could pass their psychopathological bloodlust on to their kids”, says PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk. “If our condoms have prevented even one more wretched hunter from being born, we have saved animal lives.”

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to abuse in any way” – notes that hunters kill millions of animals every year and have contributed to the extinction of species all over the world, including the Tasmanian tiger and the great auk. Like Cecil the lion, numerous animals are injured but not killed by hunters, escaping only to die slowly and painfully from blood loss and starvation.

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